About Green Plastic Pallets

We offer cost-effective solutions to meet specific product handling needs in assisting to
move your products more efficiently through your supply chain.

Company Overview

At Green Plastic Pallets, LLC, our management, under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Loren Kruger, takes an aggressive stand in the marketing of shipping pallets that are economically and environmentally friendly. Made of 100% American-made recycled plastics engineered with Injection Mould Technology, our products help control material costs and reduce environmental waste, in turn providing our customers with a unique level of cost-effective advantages over users of alternative shipping pallets. With an assortment of products available for purchase, Green Plastic Pallets offers logistical solutions as needed by a wide range of industries such as the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, beer, environmental and agricultural product marketplaces. We are committed to providing our customers with an ease of mind when it comes to the safety and durability in the transportation of your valuable freight.

Green Plastic Pallets takes pride in assisting your company toward moving products more efficiently through your supply chain and will accommodate for your specific cargo and product transport needs worldwide.

Green Plastic Pallets is a Minority-Owned, United States Government Contractor (#079430371) and is a Registered Entity with the United States System for Award Management (SAM)℠ offering products that are ISPM No. 15 Compliant.

Recycled Material

Green Plastic Pallets offers a variety of products composed of 100% American-made recycled plastic materials. Manufacturers of our products take the lead in post-industrial users of plastic in the United States, implementing Injection Mould Technology through a proprietary blend of recycled plastics including (but not limited to):
               ♻  Pellets
               ♻  Scrap from high-density polyethylene and polypropylene (HDPE)

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